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Mini Marvels Peanuts Holiday Dance

Mini Marvels Peanuts Holiday Dance by Chris Giarrusso

Original art for official Marvel Comics Mini Marvels Holiday card from 2004. 11×17 bristol board, india ink.


Tribute Tuesday – Mike Zeck's Secret Wars #1

MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS was Marvel’s first big comic event that was directly and specifically tied into a line of action figures, which were created by Mattel in the 1980s. Featuring all of Marvel’s most prominent heroes and villains fighting on Battleworld, the comics and toys were a huge success. I personally had all the comics and as many of the action figures as I was able to track down. Awesome art by Mike Zeck sure helped make it all look amazing. Here’s my Mini Marvels tribute to SECRET WARS #1 based on Mike Zeck’s original classic cover.

Secret Wars #1 by Mike Zeck and Chris G

Tribute Tuesday – Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four #1

Everyone on planet earth recognizes the cover to Fantastic Four #1, and at least half of those people recognize the artist, Jack Kirby.

Here’s another tribute to one of the industry’s all-time legends.

Fantastic Four #1 by Jack Kirby and Chris G