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The G-Man Super Journal by Chris GiarrussoChris Giarrusso is the Harvey award-nominated artist and writer best known for creating, writing, and illustrating G-Man, a series of books loved by all ages. G-Man is a young superhero who gains fantastic powers when he wears a magic cape. The G-Man Super Journal: Awesome Origins, G-Man Learning to Fly, G-Man Cape Crisis, and G-Man Coming Home are available at bookstores, comic shops, and online retailers like amazon.

Chris's work has been published by Abrams Books, Andrews McMeel, Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Marvel, Image, Ahoy Comics, IDW, Lion Forge, Valiant, and several independent publishers. Chris is still hard at work writing and drawing. Check out more of his books, art, and animation at his official website, chrisgiarrusso.com.

Recent Work

Officer Clawsome: Crime Across Time by Brian 'Smitty' Smith and Chris GiarrussoChris illustrated Officer Clawsome: Crime Across Time written by New York Times bestselling author Brian "Smitty" Smith, published by Harper Collins on April 23, 2024. In the Officer Clawsome series, Clawsome and his crime-fighting partner, Stariana, take on villains like Catfishburglar, Chowderhead, and the Brain Sturgeon. The first book in the series, Officer Clawsome: Lobster Cop was released on January 3, 2023.

Hashtag: Danger Panic on Dinosaur Mountain by Tom Peyer and Chris GiarrussoChris illustrated Hashtag: Danger in 2019, written by Tom Peyer, covers by Richard Williams, published by Ahoy Comics. Hashtag: Danger follows three socially awkward science adventurers through their space travels! Ahoy published the collected volume of the first five issues, Hashtag: Danger Volume One: Panic on Dinosaur Mountain!, in December 2019.

Encounter Volume 1: Out of this World by Baltazar, Franco, and Chris GiarrussoIn 2018, Chris illustrated the comic series Encounter, written by Art Baltazar and Franco. Published by Lion Forge, Encounter follows the adventures of an alien who finds himself on planet earth and chooses to be a hero.

Prior Work

2015 saw the release of The G-Man Super Journal: Awesome Origins. In tandem with the book's publication, Chris began work on G-Man Webcomics, a series of comics written and drawn by G-Man himself. Brand new G-Man Webcomics are available right here every Tuesday.

In 2012, Chris illustrated twelve Image 25th anniversary variant covers, including Savage Dragon, The Walking Dead, Spawn, and Invincible. Chris illustrated the cover and wrote and illustrated the story, G-Man: Reign of the Robo Teachers, in the 2011 anthology book Reading with Pictures published by Andrews McMeel.

2010 featured Chris illustrating the covers and comic inserts for all four volumes of the Scholastic book series The Amazing Adventures of Nate Banks, and contributing a Guardians of the Globe cover and 4-page story, Image Untied, to the Image Comics Image United series. He was the illustrator for the first two years of the successful Emerald City Comicon webcomic, Tales from the Con, written by Brad Guigar.

Mini Marvels: The Complete Collection by Chris GiarrussoIn 1999, Chris Giarrusso created the world-famous Mini Marvels for Marvel Comics, writing and drawing dozens of comic strips and short stories which have been published in countless Marvel comics and collected editions. Chris even contributed two brand new characters to the Marvel Universe, fantastic fan-favorites "Elephant Steve" and "Archeology Jackson."


2016, Best Window Display,
Challengers Comics

2014, G-Man Coming Home

2014, G-Man Coming Home

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can purchase The G-Man Super Journal everywhere books and eBooks are sold, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million (BAM!), Bookshop, Powell’s, and Wal-Mart.

A: The G-Man graphic novels are now out of print, the remaining new stock is available from legendary comics retailer Ssalefish.

 A: Both. I created, wrote, penciled, inked, lettered, and colored all the G-Man stories.

A: They have a lot of books to keep track of and sometimes errors occur. Please let Amazon know that they’re showing the incorrect covers for my books and if enough people bring it to their attention maybe they’ll eventually fix the errors. You can always find the correct covers for all of my books on my official website.

 A: I got my start as an intern at Marvel Comics while I was in college. Following the internship, I accepted a staff job in Marvel’s production department where I helped to format comics to make them ready for printing. After much pestering, Marvel finally agreed to start publishing some of my comic strips.

 A: I didn’t go to an art school, but I took some art classes while I was in college. I mainly learned to draw comics by practicing on my own.

A: You can purchase original sketches and original art from published comic covers and pages here on my website. I have a very busy schedule, but I occasionally take on commissions if time allows. 

 A: It was an old Fantastic Four comic where Ben was playing some sport on another planet or something.

 A: Draw for fun and draw a lot. Don’t let anybody tell you that you’re doing it wrong.

 A: Unfortunately that isn’t possible. There are far too many variables outside of my control involved in trying to fulfill these types of requests. I can sign books in person if I’m at an event in your area.

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Archer Elementary • Greensboro, NC
Claxton Elementary • Greensboro, NC
Franklin Elementary • Rahway, NJ
Greensboro Day School • Greensboro, NC
Guilford Middle School • Greensboro, NC
Hyde Park Free Library • Hyde Park, NY
Metuchen Public Library • Metuchen, NJ
New Garden Friends School • Greensboro, NC
North Beach Elementary • Seattle, WA
Pierce Elementary • Oak Ridge, NC
PS169 Bay Terrace • Queens, NY
PS84 Magnet School for the Visual Arts • Brooklyn, NY
Roosevelt Elementary • South Plainfield, NJ


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