G-Man Cape Crisis

ISBN 978-1-60706-271-4 • Softcover, 128 pages
Released Oct 26, 2010 • Published by Image

G-Man Cape Crisis by Chris Giarrusso


Bad guys have gotten hold of pieces of G-Man’s magic cape, causing the magic to become dangerously unstable! G-Man must retrieve all missing pieces of the cape or risk losing his powers forever!


“I just read G-MAN CAPE CRISIS — it was terrific!”
– Kurt Busiek, Astro City, Avengers, Iron Man, Marvels, Thunderbolts, JLA, Superman, Shockrockets, and tons more

“[G-Man Cape Crisis] is fantastic. It’s got all the charm you’d expect from Giarrusso’s work, but it also manages to pull off being a sweeping (and appropriately silly) super-hero story at the same time that makes it one of the titles that’s truly good for all ages.”
– Chris Sims, Comics Alliance