G-Man Learning To Fly

ISBN 978-1-60706-270-7 • Softcover, 128 pages
Released Oct 26, 2010 • Published by Image

G-Man Learning To Fly by Chris Giarrusso


When Mikey G unlocks the powers of his family’s magic blanket, he is transformed into G-Man, the newest kid superhero on the block! G-Man joins his superhero friends Billy Demon, Eddie Delta, Suntrooper, and Sparky on their very first superhero adventure. But what are they to do when their enemy is Kid Thunder, son of the city’s greatest champion, Captain Thunderman? And will G-Man’s big brother, Great Man, prove to be friend or foe?


Here is an absolute delight, a volume that will be shelved with children’s titles, but should definitely be sought out by superhero lovers of any age. The visual style is completely charming, creating an amusingly detailed world that young readers can explore over and over.”
– Publisher’s Weekly