Hashtag: Danger

Written by Tom Peyer • Illustrated by Chris Giarrusso
ISBN 978-0-99804-426-2 • Softcover, 168 pages
Released Dec 3, 2019 • Published by Ahoy Comics

"I love it. highly recommended!" - Gail Simone

About Hashtag: Danger

Hashtag: Danger follows three scientific adventurers facing strange creatures, lost civilizations, and supernatural threats―when they’re not too busy being complete jerks to each other. Written by Tom Peyer (The Wrong Earth, Hourman) and illustrated by Chris Giarrusso with covers by Richard Williams.

This volume collects all the stories from issues #1-5, plus the back-up features from Ahoy titles High Heaven and Captain Ginger.

Chris was interviewed by Hollywood Reporter about the Hashtag team, check it out here.

Hashtag Danger Volume 1: Panic On Dinosaur Mountain!

Watch the Cartoon Intro

Rave Reviews for
Hashtag: Danger

“There’s a new book out that I am wild about, it’s sort of Challengers of The Unknown meets Archie meets Grant Morrison. I love it. It’s called Hashtag: Danger, it’s by Tom Peyer and Chris Giarrusso for Ahoy Comics. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”
— Gail Simone, writer, Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and many more

“Hashtag: Danger is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and, as we all know, sliced bread is pretty great ― vastly superior to unsliced bread which has to be pulled apart with your fist like an animal.”
― Erik Larsen, Savage Dragon creator, Image Comics Co-Founder and CFO

“Chris Giarrusso is a wonder. As artist, inker, colorist, letterer, he runs the gamut. Giarrusso’s characters move with dramatic elasticity and his environments are retro-sleek; Hashtag: Danger is a monument to Silver-Age pop. But it’s how he illustrates alongside Peyer’s comic timing that makes this entire enterprise worthy of your gaze. His time on Mini-Marvels, creating softer but no less dynamic versions of Doctor Doom and the Hulk, has honed Giarrusso’s gifts to an omega-level talent and he is served well by Hashtag: Danger. The panels contained within are a parade of Kirby Krackle, Care Bear stares, sheer buffoonery. I love it.

Packed with a Gen-Xer’s sardonic edge and a clear reverence for Lee/Kirby-era comics, Hashtag: Danger is a freakishly funny series. (#Sequel, please?)”
― Jarrod Jones, Doom Rocket

“A modern take on a Fantastic Four-esque team of scientific explorers… as they boldly explore supernatural mysteries, strange worlds, and ancient civilizations, and find out if the dangers lurking beneath all those things will kill them before they manage to kill one another.”
― io9

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