Mini Marvels
Complete Collection

ISBN 978-1302903220 • Softcover, 216 pages
Released Oct 28, 2016 • Published by Marvel

About Mini Marvels COmplete Collection

Mini Marvels Complete Collection is all-ages fun, featuring all of your favorite hilarious, action-packed Mini Marvels adventures collected in one volume!

Spidey gets the Paperboy Blues, Wolverine embarks on a Cereal Quest, Hulk goes on a date, and alien Skrulls impersonate the Fantastic Four! Thor returns, Iron Man builds armor for the Avengers, Hawkeye squares off against Galactus, and Hawkeye battles the Curse of the Crimson Crown! And who is Elephant Steve?! Plus a complete run of the original Mini Marvels comic strips that started it all!

Mini Marvels the Complete Collection by Chris Giarrusso

Complete Collection Notes

Mini Marvels Complete Collection was originally released in December 2009 as Mini Marvels Ultimate Collection, with two reprints released in 2013 and 2014. The third reprint was published on October 18, 2016 as Mini Marvels Complete Collection. As of 2022, this book has been published a total of four times…might a fifth printing be on the way?

This book includes two characters created by Chris Giarrusso, Elephant Steve from the story The Iron Avengers by Chris Giarrusso, and Archeology Jackson from the story, Hawkeye and the Curse of the Crimson Crown by Chris Giarrusso.

The Mini Marvels Classics section of the Mini Marvels Complete Collection contains an extensive run of Chris’s Bullpen Bits comics, originally published on the Bullpen Bulletins pages of a wide range of monthly Marvel titles in the mid 90s.

Chris Giarrusso, creator of Mini Marvels, illustrated all the stories and wrote the following 24 stories in Mini Marvels Complete Collection:

  • Paperboy Blues
  • Cereal Quest
  • Paperboy Showdown
  • Hawkeye and the Curse of the Crimson Crown
  • World War Hulk: Part 1, Round Trip
  • World War Hulk: Part 2, Rally the Troops
  • World War Hulk: Part 3, Final Showdown
  • The Iron Avengers
  • Welcome Back Thor
  • Hawkeye and the Beanstalk
  • Conspicuous Invasion
  • Hulk Date
  • Passing the Torch
  • Principal Stanley
  • Repulsive Manner
  • Birthday Gift
  • Third Person
  • Overdue
  • Black Cat
  • The Itch
  • The Couch
  • The French Bread
  • Giant Girl
  • Mini Marvel Classics

Six additional stories included in this book were written by Sean McKeever (Spidey and His Amazing Co-workers, The Snowman), Marc Sumerak (Civil Wards), Paul Tobin (Lo there Shall Come…a Go Cart, Armageddon Unleashed), and Audrey Loeb (Hulk Art Class / Splash / Zoo / Web / Airport / Ice / Beach / Mama / Chef).

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