Mini Marvels Hulk Smash

ISBN 978-1302956257 • Softcover, 112 pages
Released Dec 10, 2024 • Published by Penguin Random House

About Mini Marvels
Hulk Smash

The adorable Hulk grabs the spotlight in more anarchic adventures of pint-sized heroes — from the pen of master cartoonist Chris Giarrusso!

Cute, satirical, and hilarious — they’re the Mini Marvels, back for more all-ages fun! This time the Hulk has the starring role, whether he’s hanging out with Power Pack or going on a date! But when a secret meeting of the Illuminati results in a plan to send the Hulk into space to stop him from causing trouble, it kicks off an interstellar epic and sets the Green Scar on a savage rampage of riotous revenge! Who will win World War Hulk? Plus: Thor makes his glorious return to Midgard… and doesn’t like what he finds! Tony Stark assembles his Iron Avengers! Hawkeye embarks on an epic quest to gain super powers! And the sinister Skrulls mount a highly Conspicuous Invasion!

Mini Marvels Hulk Smash by Chris Giarrusso

Rave Reviews For Mini Marvels Spidey Sense

“Chris Giarrusso tackles the Marvel Universe with a sharp wit and comedic timing that will have you laughing as you devour this collection. His writing and art style are perfect ways to poke fun at the heroes as they face their dramatic tropes with perfect facepalms. How far will these superheroes go for a job or a bowl of cereal? This will remind you why comics are fun, and if given to a new fan, this could be their gateway into comics.”
― Christopher Franey, AIPT

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