Officer Clawsome
Lobster Cop

Written by Brian "Smitty" Smith • Illustrated by Chris Giarrusso
ISBN 978-0-06-313636-6 • Hardcover, 240 pages
Released Jan 3, 2023 • Published by Harper Collins

"Highly original and deliciously funny.” — Booklist

About Officer Clawsome Lobster Cop

Dog Man meets SpongeBob in Officer Clawsome: Lobster Cop, a fast-paced and funny middle grade graphic novel series about the crimefighting duo Clawsome, a lobster, and his partner Stariana, a starfish, as they fight such denizens of the deep as the Catfishburglar, Chowderhead, and the Brain Sturgeon. Crime doesn’t pay in Caper Cove with Officer Clawsome and his partner, Stariana, on the case. Just ask the notorious Catburglarfish—she’ll confirm.

But when the beloved bakery Kelpy’s Kelpcakes goes missing and rumors begin swirling about shark sightings for the first time in a hundred years, the duo is about to find themselves claw-deep in a mystery for the ages. Will this dynamic duo save the day yet again, or have the citizens of Caper Cove eaten their last Kelpcake…for good?

Written by New York Times bestselling author Brian “Smitty” Smith (Pea, Bee, & Jay, Tree Mail, The Stuff of Legend) and illustrated by Chris Giarrusso.

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Rave Reviews for Officer Clawsome Lobster Cop

“Full of deep-sea puns and underwater antics, Officer Clawsome had me lobster-rolling with laughter!”
― JOHN PATRICK GREEN, New York Times bestselling author of the InvestiGators series

“This story is a delight from start to finish, and every character—from the crab police chief, Captain Badmood, to a key-witness goldfish with a 10-second memory—is highly original and deliciously funny.”
― Booklist

“Benthic [adjective – of, relating to, or occurring at the bottom of a body of water] buddies have a blast, and readers will too.”
― Kirkus

“Kids will want to spend time and follow more adventures of the awesome twosome. A must-have addition to any collection that circulates graphic novels. Great for fans of Aaron Blabey’s The Bad Guys  and SpongeBob SquarePants.”
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