The G-Man Super Journal Awesome Origins

Hardcover, 240 pages • Released Feb 17, 2015
ISBN 978-1-4494-5844-7 • Published by Andrews McMeel

“The world needs a hero like G-Man.” – Gene Luen Yang

About the G-Man Super Journal Awesome Origins

When Michael G (yes, “G” is his whole last name, and that’s why everyone calls him G-Man) has to keep a journal in Mrs. Rosario’s class at school, naturally he writes about his ambition to have superpowers and join the superheroes of his city (like Captain Thunderman) in the fight for justice.

After all, his friend Billy Demon just got an awesome winged flying suit and superpowers of his own, and now he’s the most popular kid in school! Mikey would just love to have superpowers too, but how will he get them? And if he does get them, what will he do with them?

Rave Reviews for The G-Man Super Journal

“The world needs a hero like G-Man.”
— Gene Luen Yang, author of American Born Chinese, Boxers & Saints

“G-MAN is funny! Really, really funny! You know how hard it is to make a funny book? Believe me, plenty hard! I should probably encourage you to buy a copy, but honestly, I don’t need the competition.”
— Jimmy Gownley, author of Amelia Rules

“Awesome Origins has genuine drama, lots of humor, and a whole bunch of hero/villain action. Its intended audience is readers seven to twelve years old, but I found it meaty enough for older readers. This book is worth seeking out. I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the series as well.”
— Tony Isabella, Creator of Black Lightning, Misty Knight, and Tigra

“[The G-Man Super Journal Awesome Origins is] a book everyone can read and enjoy.”
— Tony Guerrero, ComicVine

“I just read the G-Man Super Journal Awesome Origins book by Chris Giarrusso Giarrusso and it is terrific. Genuine laugh out loud moments and an excellently well-crafted story. Enthusiastically recommended.”
— Erik Larsen, Savage Dragon creator, Image Comics Co-Founder and CFO

“With abundant dry humor and zinging one-liners, [The G-MAN Super Journal: Awesome Origins] doubles as a metanarrative about superhero comics, with several layers of depth. While there is some relatively sophisticated language and quips, younger readers will still be able to access the story, which is written in a diary format, and illustrated with sharp drawings.”
— Jenna Lanterman, School Library Journal, formerly at The Calhoun School and Mary McDowell Friends School, New York City

“Giarrusso does an especially fine job of depicting ordinary school life and getting inside the head of his protagonist. In short, The G-Man Super Journal: Awesome Origins is a whole lot of fun that any kid should enjoy.”
— Steve Bennett, ICv2

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