Order Hashtag Danger #1 Today! In shops May 1, 2019!

Hashtag Danger #1Three heroes with three special skills: brains, strength, and unwarranted enthusiasm! Together they vow to confront fantastic perils and monetize them! But will their selfish bickering destroy the team? And why do they spell out “Hashtag?” Hashtag Danger, previously a backup feature in Ahoy Comics wave 1, is now in its very own book! Hashtag Danger is written by the mighty Tom Peyer and illustrated by Chris Giarrusso with a cover by the great Richard Williams! Look for issue #1 in comic shops everywhere on May 1, 2019. Call or visit your comic shop today and ask them to order it (MAR191382) today! While you’re at it, you can also order issue #2, on sale June 5, 2019!